Session A2: Interoperability, Reusability, and Integrated Systems

Chairs: Jeff Horsburgh, Amber Ignatius, Bert Jagers, Kurt Wolfe, Andrew Hughes, Jon Flaishans, Quillon Harpham, S. Thomas Purucker, Rajbir Parmar, Billy Johnson, Gene Whelan, Andrew Hughes, Jon Goodall, Jon Flaishans.


Monday July 11th
Time Title Authors Room Moderator(s)
8:30-8:50 Towards Standard Variable Names for Environmental Chemistry: Semantic Mediation and Extensions to the CSDMS Standard Names Scott D. Peckham A001 Jeff Horsburgh, Amber Ignatius.
8:50-9:10 Semantic data integration from Multi Linked Model Framework Thanh Binh Nguyen, Gregor Kiesewetter and Wolfgang Schöpp A001
9:10-9:30 Documenting Models for Interoperability and Reusability Rajbir Parmar, Kurt Wolfe, Gene Whelan, Gerard Laniak, Mike Galvin and Jonathan Goodall A001
9:30-9:50 The Case for Standardizing Procedural Knowledge Models for Cross-Discipline Data and System Integration Aaron Byrd and David Tarboton A001
9:50-10:10 Challenges with Maintaining Legacy Software to Achieve Reproducible Computational Analyses: An Example for Hydrologic Modeling Data Processing Pipelines Bakinam T. Essawy, Jonathan L. Goodall, Tanu Malik, Hao Xu, Michael Conway and Yolanda Gil A001
10:30-10:50 The Design of Distributed Model Integration Framework - DMIF Getachew Belete and Alexey Voinov A001 Bert Jagers, Kurt Wolfe.
10:50-11:10 Constructing Scientific Workflows with Environmental Model APIs Tom Purucker, Jonathan Flaishans, Mike Galvin, Amber Ignatius, Carmen Kuan, Gerry Laniak and Kurt Wolfe A001
11:10-11:30 A Workflow to Model Microbial Loadings in Watersheds Kurt Wolfe, Rajbir Parmar, Gene Whelan, Gerard Laniak, Mike Galvin, Keewook Kim, Marirosa Molina, Richard Zepp, Paul Duda and Dennis Keiser A001
11:30-11:50 Pynsim: An Open-Source Software Framework for Building Simulation Models of Multi-Actor Resource Networks Stephen Knox, Philipp Meier, Jim Yoon, Phil Selby, Christian Klassert, Julien Harou, Thibaut Lachaut, Nicolas Avisse, Amaury Thilmant and Steve Gorelick A001
11:50-12:10 A Java binary tree data structure for environmental modelling Francesco Serafin, Marialaura Bancheri, Riccardo Rigon and Olaf David A001
14:30-14:50 Scientific Research Documentation - An Information Server for the National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald Peter Fischer-Stabel A001 Andrew Hughes, Jon Flaishans.
14:50-15:10 AgroDB – Integration of Database Management Systems with Crop Models Alexandre Lazzaretti, José Maurício Cunha Fernandes, Willingthon Pavan, Josué Toebe and Roberto Wiest A001
15:10-15:30 A Scientific Data Management Infrastructure for Environmental Monitoring and Modelling Daniel Henzen, Matthias Mueller, Simon Jirka, Ivo Senner, Thomas Kaeseberg, Jin Zhang, Lars Bernard and Peter Krebs A001
15:50-16:10 A centralized management system for raster data Felix Linde, Ralf Wieland and Karin Groth A001
16:30-16:50 The European Information Platform for Chemical Monitoring (IPCheM) - How can you realize interoperability? Gerlinde Knetsch and Maria Ruether A001 Quillon Harpham, S. Thomas Purucker
16:50-17:10 Watershed Economic Data InterOperability System Rajbir Parmar, John Johnston, Mike Galvin, Amber Ignatius and Catherine Foley A001
17:10-17:30 HydroShare: Promoting Collaborative Publication, Interoperability, and Reuse of Hydrologic Data and Research Products Jeffery S. Horsburgh, David G. Tarboton, Ray Idaszak, Daniel P. Ames, Jonathan L. Goodall, Venkatesh Merwade, Alva Couch, Richard P. Hooper, Pabitra Dash, Michael Stealey, Hong Yi, Tian Gan, Anthony Castronova, Brian Miles, Zhiyu Li and Mohamed Morsy A001
17:30-17:50 Design and Implementation of Hydrologic Model Sharing Capabilities within the CUAHSI HydroShare System Mohamed M. Morsy, Jonathan L. Goodall, Anthony M. Castronova, Pabitra Dash, Brian Miles, Venkatesh Merwade, Jeffrey M. Sadler and David G. Tarboton A001
17:50-18:10 GIS Mash-ups in the Cloud: Visualizing Online Data using HydroShare and Tethys Platform Dan Ames, Shawn Crawley and Zhiyu Li A001
Tueday July 12th
Time Title Authors Room Moderator(s)
8:30-8:50 From OpenMI to HydroCouple: Advancing OpenMI to Support Experimental Simulations and Standard Geospatial Datasets Caleb Buahin and Jeffery Horsburgh A001 Rajbir Parmar, Billy Johnson.
8:50-9:10 Interoperability between the Basic Modeling Interface (BMI) and the Open Modeling Interface (OpenMI): A Step Toward Building the Earth System Bridge for Modeling Framework Interoperability Jonathan Goodall and Scott Peckham A001
9:10-9:30 Innovation for Consistent Integrated Modeling across Scales H.R.A. Jagers A001
9:30-9:50 Web Based Analysis of Hydrological Time Series in R using Web Processing Services Jiří Kadlec, Dan Ames, Matthew Bayles, Martin Seul, Rick Hooper and Brian Cummings A001
9:50-10:10 Time Series Analyst: Interactive Online Visualization of Standards Based Environmental Time Series Data Jeffery Horsburgh, Amber Spackman Jones, Maurier Ramirez and Juan Caraballo A001
10:30-10:50 One Dimensional Riverine Water Quality Modeling System (HEC-RAS/NSM) Billy Johnson and Zhonglong Zhang A001 Gene Whelan, Andrew Hughes.
10:50-11:10 Replicability of a modelling solution using NewAGE-JGrass Marialaura Bancheri, Giuseppe Formetta, Francesco Serafin, Riccardo Rigon, Timothy R. Green and Olaf David A001
11:10-11:30 From raw material to biofuel demand: the AGRAF model Coline Assaiante, Pierre-Alain Jayet and Frédéric Lantz A001
11:30-11:50 Improving Component Interoperability and Reusability with the Java Connection Framework (JCF): Overview and Application to the AgES-W Environmental Model Jim Ascough, Nathan Lighthart, Holm Kipka, Olaf David, Timothy Green and Gregory McMaster A001
11:50-12:10 Cloud Services Integration Platform (CSIP) Model and Data Services Olaf David, Wes Lloyd, Jack Carlson, Mazdak Arabi and Tyler Wible A001
14:30-14:50 Design and Implementation of a REST API for the Human Well Being Index (HWBI) Amber Ignatius, Kurt Wolfe, Parmar Rajbir, Jonathan Flaishans, Linda Harwell, Susan Yee, Tom Purucker and Mike Galvin A001 Jon Goodall, Rajbir Parmar.
14:50-15:10 Environmental Models as a Service: Enabling Interoperability through RESTful Endpoints and API Documentation Jonathan Flaishans, Mike Galvin, Amber Ignatius, Carmen Kuan, Gerry Laniak, Kurt Wolfe and Tom Purucker A001
15:10-15:30 Chemical Transformation System: Cloud Based Cheminformatic Services to Support Integrated Environmental Modeling Kurt Wolfe, Nicholas Pop, Rajbir Parmar, Mike Galvin, Caroline Stevens, Eric Weber, Jonathan Flaishans and Tom Purucker A001
15:30-15:50 OGC Sensor Observation Service: Past, Present, Internet of the Things Argyrios Samourkasidis and Ioannis N. Athanasiadis A001
15:50-16:10 Scaling Watershed Models: Modern Approaches to Science Computation with MapReduce, Parallelization, and Cloud Optimization Jonathan Flaishans, Meridith Fry, Trip Hook, Nelson Thurman, Jim Carleton, Shelly Thawley, Kurt Wolfe, Dirk Young and Tom Purucker A001