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The iEMSs Office (2018-2020)


Dan Ames, Brigham Young University, United States


Marina Erechtchoukova, York University, Canada


Ioannis Athanasiadis, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Vice -presidents

Ann van Griensven, UNESCO-IHE, Denmark

Nigel W.T. Quinn, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States

Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, IDSIA USI/SUPSI, Switzerland

Stefan Reis, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, United Kingdom


Carlo Lepori, IDSIA, Lugano, Switzerland
Andrea-Emilio Rizzoli
, IDSIA USI/SUPSI, Switzerland

The iEMSs Board and the iEMSs Office are in charge for 2 years, new elections will be held in 2018, before the iEMSs 2018 biennial meeting.


2012-2016: Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, IDSIA, Switzerland

2008-2012: Alexey Voinov, ITC, U Twente, The Netherlands

2004-2008: Giorgio Guariso, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, EU

2000-2004: Anthony J. Jakeman, Australian National University, Australia.