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How to Join iEMSs

The membership fee is 40 EUR as of July 2008. It is FREE for registered participants of iEMSs 2014.

Click on the green button below to …

Join iEMSs

 but be sure to have read and understood the instructions below.



Instructions on how to complete your registration

1. Clicking on the “join iEMSs” button above, you’ll be presented with the selection of the payment method:

  • “offline” payment by Bank Transfer. Since our bank is in Switzerland, a bank transfer is convenient when you’re in Europe and it is performed using the IBAN cod. Your membership will be activated upon reception of the payment, which can take a few days.
  • “online” one via PayPal. YOu can pay with all major credit cards and you do not need to set up an account at PayPal.Your membership will be activated upon reception of the notification of the payment from PayPa, which at most is a few hours.

2. You will then enter your personal data (name, email, country of residence, etc.) in a form and then you’ll have to click on the “send registration” button as in Figure 1 below:


This is a figure, not a button


Figure 1. The “Send registration” button

3. You are now presented with the payment details. To confirm you registration click on the “continue” button (see Figure 2):


This is an image not a button
Figure 2. The “Continue” button.


4. If you chose to pay by bank transfer, you’re done, else, if you chose PayPal  you need to click on the “checkout” button, as shown in Figure 3:

 This is an image not a button

Figure 3. The “Checkout” button, only to proceed to PayPal payment. 

Having completed the registration procedure, we will grant you full access and user rights only after the reception of your payment. In case your payment is not received within one month from your initial registration date, your account will be removed.