What Is WCMT?

The Web Conference Management Tool (WCMT) is a groupware tool which allows conference participants to register and to log in to submit their papers. Papers are uploaded on the website and they are then assigned to the different sessions, according to their relevance. The session organiser assigns reviewers to each paper. The reviewers fill in their reviews, using WCMT, and the final evaluation is left to the session organiser. In the meantime, the papers' authors can verify the state of advancement of the review. When the review is ready, they can read the anonymous comments and revise the paper as requested. Finally, payment of the conference registration is performed.

The software is already been used in multiple international conferences, including iEMSs 2006 and Modsim 2003, and it can be viewed at http://www.iemss.org/wcmt.

The software is written using PHP 5.0 and it relies on MySQL 4.x. It uses an Apache or IIS webserver.

We believe that there is no other open source effort in this direction. Microsoft has done something like this, but they do not even disclose the price on their webpage. Other tools such as this are proprietary (see the IEEE web review system).