Respondent ID
Paper ID
Journal:Volume:Issue:Pages:Year (yyyy):
1. Environmental target field
Water Ecology Land Agriculture
Forest Air Climate Other:
2. Main goal of the paper
Descriptive Predictive
3. Data types
Numerical 2D Several granularities Temporal
Qualitative 3D Several periodicities Other:
4. Database size
Number of objects:Number of attributes:
5. Is preprocessing addressed in the paper?
No addressed Missing data Variable selection Feature weighting
Variables transformation Dimensionality reduction Other:
6. In which formalism is prior domain knowledge included in the analysis?
Not included Rules Previous distribution Ontology Constraints Other:
7. Which data mining techniques are used in the analysis?
Clustering Association-Rule Multivariate Analysis Bayesian Networks Case-based Reasoning Classification-Rule
Decision Trees Regression Trees Support Vector Machines Artificial Neural Networks Discriminant Analysis Statistical Regression
ANOVA Time Series Analysis Other:
8. In case of several data mining methods used, how are they combined in the overall process?
Only one DM method Hybridation Sequential combination Separate use for comparison
9. Which kind of postprocessing is explicitly addressed in the paper?
None Visualization  Other:
10. Which kind of validation is addressed?
Non specified Randomization Simple validation Cross validation Benchmarking Visualization
11. Software tools used for the analysis
Weka R CART Clementine LIBSVM Other: Self-developed (specify):